Chemistry Glog no.6

by javierttan
Last updated 7 years ago

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Chemistry Glog no.6


This is my second time using glogster to do a bio-journal, although i have already done it before and i am much more familar in using the glogster this time, i am faced with another daunting problem. Being more familar in glogster has allowed me to save much time and to do a better job of my bio -journal but the other problem i am facing is that the chemistry topic i am doing is something which has not been taught yet. This means that there are a lot of questions and problems unanswered when doing the bio-journal. The topic that i am doing on is Atoms, Ions and Molecules which i have done some research on the background of this topic.After doing my sufficent background information, i move on to elaborate on a particular atom, in this case i have chosen, Hydrogen. Hydrogen is number 1 in the periodic table and represented by the letter H, i have chosen this topic because it is very interesting and the gas can be combined with other atoms to turn it into a dangerous compound like a hydrogen bomb. It has also many interesting uses and can be used to replace gas and petroline which is also very eco-friendly. Doing this project have used about one week of my time as i had to strike a balance for school work and this glogster work, to make matters worse i have to answer many of my questions first before i am able to start my glogster work. My computer has also not been very friendly with me, it keeps disconnecting and auto-shutting down, disrupting from my work frequently. In week 4, my computer even broke down and i had to send it for repair and could only continue with my glogster on week 5. Work was more intense that week as it was just one week before my exams and i had to revise and rush to meet the deadline of the glog which was on week 6, Monday. I have learned many things for example how many compounds can be combined together and become dangerous although on its own it may be deemed as harmless. I really enjoyed doing this glogster project although i met with many problems during this glogster project. I really hope to be able to doing many more projects with the glogster again as it is much more high-tech compared to the old fashioned powerpoint. People can also view and comment on our glog so that we may ammend it and learn from our mistakes. In future, if any project has to be done, the first thing that come to my mind would be to use glogster.


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