Charli, Gladys Melanie

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Charli, Gladys Melanie

Bullying can really hurt people. There are all types of ways to bully people but, the main type of bullying we are speaking about today is Cyber Bullying!

bullying hurts

.The jealous cyber bully.

Bullys come in all shapes and sizes. But the worst kind is one with no face. Talk to an adult if you or someone you know is being bulled. It is good to have a friend to back you up. Don't face a bully on your own. BULLING is NOT OK! By: Charli-jo henry :P Melanie Angney :D Gladys Gonzalez :)

Bullying makes you a COWard

Don't bully! It's NOT nice! :/

41% Of all teenagers get bullyed! But 100% of us can STOP bulliys!


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