Charles IV

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Charles IV

BUILDINSHe financed a lot of beautiful buildings. The most known is Charles bridge, castle Karlstein, Charles University and New Town. He also financed castle Radyně, castle Tepenec, Lauf castle and St. Wenceslas chapel. I think that he financed more then this buildins. He wanted Prague to be the most known town in Europe. And I think he had succeeded.

BIOGRAPHYHe was born 14 May 1316 as a son of Elizabeth of Bohemia and John the Blind. When he was seven he had to leave Czech and went to France. There he learnt how to read, wrote and he learnt four languages - Latin, Czech, French and German. And also got married with Blanche of Valois. Before he came back to Czech he spent a while in Italy. When he finally arrived to Czech his most famous years had started. He financed a lots of castles, he rebuilt a part of Prague and a lot of other things. He had four wives - Blanche of Valois, Anna of Bavaria, Anna von Schweidnitz and Elizabeth of Pomerania. With them he had eleven children. He died when he was sixty-two on pneumonia. He was the most famous and one of the most important person in our history.

REIGNHe became a king of Romans when he was thirty. And when he was thirty-one he was crowned as king of Bohemia. He was also king of a part of Italy for twenty-three years and Holy Roman Empereor. Of course he had lots enemies, but a lot of people loved him. He was kind and very educated.



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