Carters rainforest vocabulary

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Biota- everything living including things we cannot see.#livingthings

Adapt- to change to be able to survive in an particulat environment.#Survival.

Rainforest vocabulary#grabanumbrella

Chlorophyll-the green matter in a plants needed to produce food.#food.

Biodiversity- The variety of all living organisms.#everything

Dependence-the ecological when one plant or animal needs another to survive.#ineedyou

Ecosystem- a system where organisms live and interact with each other for survival#wereallinthistogether

Endemic- native to a region and found nowhere else.#illnevermove

Foraging-searching for food.#ifoundfood

Habitat- an area where an organism lives.#homesweethome

species- a group of plants an animals that are the same type.#allthesame

Indigenous- an organism in a particulat place. #ibelonghere.

Migration- to move to a certain place during a certain time of year.#movers

symbiotic- the relationship between to organisms that live together.#wererelated

mutualism- feelings between two or more groups or people.#weagree

competition-the struggle to survive.#struggle

parasitism- the relationship between a parasite and it's host.the host might die. #tinyhitchhiker

commensalism-in 2 organisms and benifical for one. #goodforhimnotme.

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Carter cerda.



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