Camera Shots and Lighting

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Camera Shots and Lighting

Camera Shots and Lighting

Step One: Learn all about various camera shots.

Step Two: Complete this quiz to demonstrate familiarity with camera shots.

Step Three: The Director of Photography (DP) needs to gather assorted shots for an upcoming video production. Complete a video scavenger hunt, in order to fulfill the requirements of the DP’s list. Each group member must take at least two DYNAMIC video shots, different from that of group mates.EXAMPLES OF DYNAMIC SHOTS: Rule of Thirds, Point of View, Extreme Close Up, Over the Shoulder

Step Four: Research three-point lighting and other techniques. The last link leads to a tutorial on exposure.

Step Five: Use the soft box lights at the back of the computer lab to practice lighting techniques.

Complete this form to report your group members, production format, and title. Fill out ONE form per production (show).

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