calling a friend for help L6D2 grammar

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calling a friend for help L6D2 grammar

2.What's easy? What's hard?什麼容易? 什麼難?she2 me rong2 yi4?she2 me nan2?

1.Make a phone call打電話da3 dian4 hua4

Sudent input:聽音樂容易 唱歌難看書容易 寫書難看電影容易 拍電影難打籃球容易 打網球難

what's easy? What's hard?1.下課容易 , 上課難2.睡覺容易,起床難3.吃飯容易,做飯難4.相愛容易,相處難5.戀愛容易,成家難工作容易,賺錢難

Telephone 電話 Make a phone call 打電話 Give me a call 給我打電話 Please give...請給我打電話Ask some one to get back to you:請給我~1.打電話 make a call2.發短信send out text message 3.寫電子郵件write emailAsk some one to do something with you:請跟我一起~therefore 給我.-------------------------------------------------------------------with me +vo...跟我+vo... gen1 wo3+vo (vo:打球,唱歌,跳舞,聽音樂,看電影...)with me together+vo 跟我一起... gen1 wo3 yi1qi3+voone ask another +vo together--> 跟我一起gen1 wo3 yi4 qi3

Chinese Class中文課

Lesson 6 , Dialogue II

Song: She looks like歌曲欣賞像個孩子一樣/李宗盛


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