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Heracles was the son of the god Zeus and Alceme. Hera, Zeus's queen was jealous of Heracles.


Heracles was the strongest man ever to live on earth.

When he was an adult Hera made him crazy. He killed his wife and children . To make sure the gods forgave him Apollo told him that he must do 10 difficult labors (which turned into 12 later) for Eurystheus. He had to kill or capture many beasts or do hard tasks.

Heracles survives the 10 labors but Hera isn't done yet. She makes him crazy but this time he has to sew at the feet of the queen of Lydia.

Heracles dies a tragic death when he poisoned by poisoned blood. He doesn't die from it, but the pain is unbearable. So he ascends into Mt. Olympus.I bid thee fairwell.



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