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This is a fantastic book written by Dr Karl who puts 'everday science under the microscope' as he talks about the amazing ucrobes that live in yout gut and how they work. It talks about popcorn and postars, missing microbes and talks about the paradoxial panda.

Book Info

Author: Dr KARL

Book report

This book is composed of many different sections each including there own little insight into everyday food and facts that will astound you. Dr Karl cleverly adds easy to understqand definitions and pictures throughout the book to make the concepts easier to comprehend. Some of these sections including 'The Fat Virus' and 'Shaken not Stirred'.

Sections of Book

Dr Karl is a well known Australian Science communicator who is known for being an author and a science commentator on Australian radio and television. He holds a 'bachealor of Science' in physics and mathematics, a Masters in biomedical engineering and a bacheolor of medicine and surgery.Proving him to be highly qualified.

About Dr Karl


The Paradoxial Panda

Popcorn and Popstars

Up Close and Personal

This section of the book explains the interesting digestion system of the panda which, despite having a diet 99% composed of bamboo, it has the stomach of a meat eater. This is why the panda has to eat so much because the digestion system it has is incapable of getting all of the energy and protiens from the bamboo.

This explains how a popstar claimed to have lived on pocorn for two weeks and the science behind the lie. It tells you how doing so is physically impossible through a serious of interseting facts that will blow you mind.

This section of the book is SUPER COOL as it gives a microscopic object visible to us through a series of images. I really enjoyed trying to guess what I was seeeing and then finding out it was something completly out of the ordinary.

I like the Book!

Name: Katie Vidler



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