boston tea party

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Social Studies

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boston tea party

Colonist disguised them self as Mohawk Indians and threw 342 crates of tea over board three ships.

The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773.

Boston Tea Party

Taxing the ColonistIn 1760 British Parliament gave the colonist new taxes. The new taxes were oil, glass, lead, pant, and paper. Colonist refussed to pay the taxes because they did not have the opportunity to vote for no taxes. But because the colonist did not elect any representatives the taxes were legal.

When British first found out about the Boston Tea Party he was really angry. King George punished the colonist by closing the boston harbor and sending 4000 british soldiers to boston. The punishment was not over till the colonist damages were paid. King George also made a new law that british soldiers (Red coats) can knock on your door and move into your house.

King George

The colonist that participated in the boston tea party were punished until the damages were paid

The Intolerable Acts

Conlonist are using mini axes to cut open crates of tea.

"I Need to punish the colonist" King George said.



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