Boston massacre

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Boston massacre

This a picture of Crispus Attuck a National hero. 10,000 people attended his funeral.

Boston Massacre

The trialsThe Boston Massacre trials were also a very important part of the massacre. They had two seperate trials one for Captain Preston and the other one for all of the soldiers. The trial for Captain Preston took five days. All of the colonists were looking for a fair trial ending in conviction of all the redcoats but Chief Justice Thomas Hutchinson removed himself from the proceeding.

The Boston Massacre is a tragic event that happened on March 5 1770 that ended with 5 killings including the killing of Crispus Attucks who was an African american national hero. No one know why the British army shot at the five people but someone shot once at Crispus Attucks and the rest followed. Crispus Attucks and two others died instantly followed by two other people dieing later on. Before the British shot Americans were shoving them and throwing stuff at them and making fun of the and the British shot. No one knows why they shot but all of the soldiers say that Thomas Preston there Captain told them to shot but he denies it.

This is a picture of what happened at the Bostonn Massacre.

During the revelutionary war the British wore redcoats. Lots of people made fun of them because of this calling them lobster backs.



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