Book Review : Syakir

by MattAustine
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Book Review : Syakir


Thrilling and Enjoyable

A Must read for all.An amazing story about lying, with such amazing plot.Reading the book keeps you on the edge of your seating wanting to know what will happen in the end.An unexpected ending.

A story about how two girls intends to celebrate thier favourite cousins wedding.Featuring two of the most famous girls, Mary-Kate & Ashley.Read how Mary-Kate tries to lie so as not to go to the wedding with obnoxious george harris.Read on also about whether the wedding is a success or a disaster.

Book Review

Mary Kate & Ashley Sweet 16 Little White Lies

Must Read

Cast:Jeanine(Bride):James(Groom:Mary-Kate & Ashley(Sisters):George Harris(Enemy):Aaron(Ashley's Boyfriend):Aunt Katherine(Jeanine mother):Ava(Wedding Planner):Billy(Mary-Kate Made up boyfriend)

I think Mary-Kate should not have lied from the beginning and be honest.Although now she knows that George Harris is a nice guy



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