Body Systems Example

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Body Systems Example

The nervous system is a highly specialized tissue network whose principal component whose cells are called neurons. Neurons are cells making up the nervous system and carry electrical messages.

The autonomic nervous system control smooth muslces and glands in the body.

What is the nervous system?Made up the brain, spinal cord, and network of nerves that thread throughout thebody. It's the control center for your entire body

The Nervous System deals with all of the involuntatry systems in the body such as how food is passed through the G.I. tract.

Stroke: A stroke is under nervous system disorders because it is considered a brain attack. A stroke is a side effect from lack of blood flow to the brain and brain cells die.

Alzheimers Disease: This disease affects the brain in the cerebral cortex which receives messages from the body. The nervous system is unable to relay messages to that part of the brain.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder keeps people from being able to concentrate or sit still to perform simple tasks. Their concentration and interest does not last long. This is caused my brain receptors unable to connect.

Nervous System Disorders

Other Disorders•Alzheimer's Disease •Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis •Asperger's Syndrome •Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)•Autism •Bacterial Meningitis •Bipolar Disorder•Common Eye Diseases and Disorders •Dyslexia - I & II •Epilepsy •Fetal AlcoholSyndrome •Gulf War Syndrome •Huntington's Disease•Lead and the Nervous System•Lyme Disease •Mad Cow Disease •Mercury and the Nervous System •Multiple Sclerosis •Narcolepsy

This system is also divided into two parts: somatic nercous system and autonomic nervous system. Neurons are cells making up the nervous system and carry electrical messages.

What are nerves? They're the thin threads of nerve cells, called neurons that run throughout your body.

The Nervous System


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