Bleeding Kansas

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A Peace Convention at Fort Scott, Kansas



Bleeding Kansas was a violent poeiod of tension between the thousands of settlers who were flockign to the Kansas Territory as a result of the Kansas-Nebraska act which alowed the people of the new territory of Kansas to decide whether it would become a free or salve state. This caused thousands of pro-slavery and anti-slavery immigrants to flock to Kansas.

This drawing depicts a "Peace Convention" at which the Pro-slavery settlers clashed with the anti-slavery settlers. The government instated representatives from both pro-slavery parties and anti-slavery parties. This caused massive tensions within the government of Kansas, and at one point, two independent governments were attempting to govern Kansas.

Franklin Piece was president during bleeding Kansas. He was the one who decided to split the government between the two factions. He also decided to send in federal troops to put an end to the violence in Kansas in 1856, but the damage had already been done, and the federal troops did little to help.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 stated that all states or territories north of 36 Degrees and 30 minutes were prohibited to be slave states. This was intended to help preserve a balance between the amount of slave and free states in the union.

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