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My first value is my girlfriend. the reason for this is she makes me laugh, and smile. she always helps me when I need it.

My full name is Liam Peyton Meadows

My second valued thing is technology. with technology you can make a job out of it, and its how businesses communicate with their employees.

My third valued thing is money and the reason for this is, I like to get nice things and you can make money by investing some into a business.

My fifth valued thing is my Mom and Dad. They will help you do the best you can. They will check your homework when they can so you can get a good education.

My fourth valued thing is education. without education, most likely you wont know how to do your job. and if you dont know how to do that how are you going to make money.

My five needs are1. clothing2. shelter3. food4. water5. good health

My five wants are.1. a car2. more PS4 games3. money4. my own house5. good health

My long term goal is to maintain this schedule and work even harder so I can be in better shape.

My short term goal is to eat healthy and excercise more so I can work harder at Marching Band



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