Between Shades of Gray

by ashleyanchundia
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Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys

AmoralThe literary term, amoral, applies to the children in my story because they did not have a sense of right or wrong and stole and complained throughout the book.ImmoralThis term goes along with my story because the Russian soilders were extremely harsh and cruel towards the Estonian/Lithuanian prisoners and did not care if they were sick or dying. MoralThe main characters in the story learned many lessons when they were prisoners in the camp, such as the importance of family, sharing, and being generous to one another.

Genre/POVThis novel is historical fiction because it is based on a true event (War World ll) but the characters are made up. The point of view for this story isFirst Person Limited and this is because it is told only from the view point of the main character, Lina.

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Between Shades of Gray took place during the very beginning of World War ll in eastern Europe. The setting is very important in the story because the main characters are forced to work in a labor camp for being "criminals". Throughout the book, the characters travel across Europe and Asia and eventually end up near the top of Russia. They travelled in very filthy train cars with poor lighting and lack of fresh air. The camps they travelled to were very cramped and unsanitary. Due to the poor conditions of their surroundings, many ended up dying to due to illness and starvation.



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