Become a DEN STAR

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Become a DEN STAR

Join the DEN! Become a STAR and share your excitement for Discovery Education.

Become a DEN STAR!

What is the DEN? A community of teachers that are empowered by the use of digital media in the classroom.

What is a STAR DEN Member?A STAR is a Discovery Educator Network member that is committed to actively sharing their knowledge and passion with others.

DEN...Not just a few lettersDEN stands for the Discovery Educator Network which has over 100,000 members worldwide that use and share resources.

DEN member or STAR...What's the difference?

Click the star to visit the DEN.

Log in using your Discovery Streaming username and password. Click to join the DEN.

Once you've joined, look for the this logo and find out just how easy and rewarding it is to become a DEN STAR.


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