Be Yourself/ Conformity

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Be Yourself/ Conformity

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you went along with someone's plans, suggestions, or ideas without thinking them over for yourself? Did a friend persuade you to take part in risky behavior or in a prank that hurt or could have hurt someone or someone's property? Have you ever found yourself agreeing with someone's viewpoint when you really do not? Write a brief account of what happened. (6-8 sentences)

Find a news article that shows conformity. Summarize it by including who, what, where, when, why, and how. How does this article show conformity? Now decide whether the conformity was positive or negative. Then explain why you feel it's positive or negative. Breakdown: *5 W's plus how *Positive or negative? Why?

Explain who you are in a paragraph (8 sentences minimum). Insert pictures that show who you are and add an inspirational song for all to hear and live by! The words to the song are important!

Be Yourself!



20 Points= Journal30 Points= Be Yourself! *Photos (5 Pictures minimum) *Music ( The song must have words!) Include an explanation to why you chose this song and how it's inspiring! *Paragraph30 Points= Conformity article20 Points= Mechanics100 Major Grade

Grading Criteria


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