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Bald Eagle

Standards:SSKH2 The student will identify important American symbols and explain their meaning.b. bald eagle

The bald eagle became a national emblem or symbol for the United States in 1782. They chose the bald eagle because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks.

the bald eagle also represents freedom like the American flag.

Because of its importance to our country, the bald eagle appears on the quarter, the silver dollar, and the half dollar.

silver dollar- 1 dollar

quarter-25 cents

half dollar- 50 cents

Review:1.Name a coin the bald eagle appears on.2. Was there a bald eagle in the video?3. What does the bald eagle represent?Vocabulary:emblem- symbolrepresent- stand formajestic-splendid, beautiful


  • mrdean 6 years ago

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    Very good Glog for elementary students. I love it!

  • 6kg2011s17 5 years ago

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    i love it but hate it i love it because it has egals but i really don't love the viedo it was creepy