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Badminten safety

Nadia Ali

What is badminten?

Badminten is a game in hwich you use a cock to hit it between 4 or 2 players. It is a game in which you try to keep the cock in the air while passing it to you other player(s). Badminten is like a racket game like table tennis etc.

Badminten safety

There is not a high risk of bieng injured while playing badminten. It is a safe game, unless you play carefully. Warming up before doing badminten is importent before you play because it decreses the risk of muscle and joint injuries. Your shoes should grip the floor to decrease risk of slipping while you are playing. You might get blisters on you hands, so you might want to wear gloves for safety. It is importent to pay attention because you might get hit in the eye with the cock, which wont be such nice thing. Overall badminten is a safe game unless you are bieng safe with yourself and the people around you.

Some more safety rules

Eqiupment:Rackets, and cocks are used to play badminten. Rackets should not be heavy it takes power to move it and it increases the risk of injury.Clothing:Gloves, shoes and other accseseries like googles for eye protection. Gloves should be worn so the racket will be in grip and will not fall out of you hand while swinging your racket. Good shoes are for grip in the floor for lesser risk of slipping and falling.Technique:Knowing the proper way to play shots will limit the chances of suffering wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries. Holding the racket too tightly while playing may result in elbow inflammation, which is more commonly known as tennis elbow. Using rackets that are too light or too heavy may also contribute to elbow inflammation.


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