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Back to School Guidance Newsletter

Bulletin board by my door!

Individual Appointments...Students can request to see the counselor by completing a form or telling the teacher. Sometimes teachers request that I see a student to help support their academic needs. Parents can also make an appointment for their child or request to meet and discuss any concerns. I can be reached at 821-4058 or by e-mail at

Small Groups Banana Splits – A group for students whose parents are split up or divorced.Chill Club – A group for students who would like to work on controlling their anger.Hugs – A group for students who are grieving over the death of someone close to them.Leadership Skills - Students learn how to use the 7 habits of a leader to improve their learning skills.Rocky Road – A group for those who would like to work on their friendship skills.Starz – A group for students who want to build their self-confidence.Stress Recess – A group for students who want to mangage their stress.Study Skills – A group for students who would like to learn some study skills.Success Skills - Designed for the younger student to learn the skills needed for success in school.

Did you know...That Lexington Elementary School Counselors have a web page? It is full of helpful resources and news about what's going on with the school counseling program! You can find our web page by clicking on the LES School Counseling Tab on the LES Website . Learn about our Guidance Program, explore the many facets of school counseling, keep coming back to see what we are doing during the year, and learn how you can share your career with our students at Career Day.

PARENT SURVEYPlease complete our 5 question Parent Survey and your child will receive $5 Cat Cash!Click Herefor the Parent Survey

What does a school counselor do?

During Guidance Orientation this month, students will review the role of a School Counselor and learn that school counselors are special friends who help students with problems at school. They will also learn that I will be visiting their classroom once a month for classroom guidance.

Hi,I am Michelle Privette, School Counselor for K, 2nd & 4th



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