Austin B

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Austin B

CRHS Student Cliques

School Junkies- These are the kids that are doing homework that had just been given out during that class period while the teacher is still teaching. They would rather do homework when it's not due for a week than hang out with their friends.

Jocks- I don't see these jocks as people who run the school, but they are distinctive from people who don't play sports. They all hang out together and they don't try to mix in to other social groups. They all play sports and they let you know it.

Rednecks- These are the people that wear something camoflauge almost every day. More than likely they will have the hickest accent you have ever heard.

Socially Awkward Cliques- These are the groups of 3-4 setting alone at lunch off in the distance. They don't feel like being other people who are aggravating to them. Usually they are mixed in gender but not in age.

Popular Kids- Sometimes you can pick them out by just looking but usually you have to talk to them to figure out who they are. One thing they all have in common is they let you know what they have such as: money, cars, houses, etc.

Austin B 3rd Period



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