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Audacity Pathfinder

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Audacity ~the easy way

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1. Open Audacity2. Push Record button (round red)3. Speak4. Hit Stop button (square yellow)5. Play it back (green triangle)6. If you are satisfied, export your audio.7. Want to try again? Delete that track (x in top left corner or use Edit menu) and start over

to finish

Ms. Meeks' ClassBe a meterorologist!

* Make sure you have saved your file as a WAV. You have to 'export your audio', not 'save project'. * Save it online - as a Google Doc (best!) and send the link to your teacher using the form found on the class blog.

Want to find more ways to use Audacity?(click an image below)

Audacity beginner tutorial

Audacity basics

How to record a song


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