Assignment Sheet-2

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Assignment Sheet-2

Assignment Benchmarks

Assignment Benchmarks (It's a Battle Out There!)___ The content of your letter includes details from the battle. See your text and check the Internet so you can include accurate details.___ Mention people in your letter (your name, your wife or husband, the leader of your battle, your children etc) with authentic names from Ancient Greece.___ The length of your letter is 10-15 sentences. ___ You have included at least 3 descriptive sentences that help the reader picture what you are writing about.___ Include sentences that represent the feelings experienced by the person writing.___ Make use of accurate spelling and grammar___ Make use of paragraphs ___ Write the final draft on a scroll (white or brown paper) with straws or dowels to either end of a long strip of paper. Roll the paper into each dowel. Roll up the scroll and tie it with a string or ribbon.___ Hand in Wednesday, June 1, 2005. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Benchmarks provide a standard for students to follow. They should help students answer the question”: What will a quality assignment look like?

Although the due date descriptor can be included in the assignment benchmarks, it should not be part of the assessment tool. Handing an assignment in on time should not be included with assessing student understanding or skill proficiency.

These benchmarks are both content focused and skill-focused. The corresponding assessment tool should be directly connected to these benchmarks.

What Do You Think?Do you agree with not accepting late assignments? Why or why not?

What assessment tool would you use to assess this assignment?

Read: Learning Made Simple, a short article that discusses the importance of scaffolding tools such as benchmarks, assignment sheets and working papers.


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