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Ashley Gilman 7th pd.

Student Clique Glossary of CRHS

The Preps- This is the group who believe they are better than everyone else. They can only hang with certain people, mostly kids that are spoiled and have anything they wish. They start a lot of trouble. Everything has to be perfect, or atleast perceived as perfect. They can even be mean, like most popular kids. Although, not many people like them. As an individual, a prep isn't too bad, but when they are with their group they try too hard.

The Attention SeekersThese are the girls and sometimes boys who are constantly asking for attention. They are everywhere, and are very desperate. There are always a new rumor about one one of them. They are loud, flirt a lot, hardly ever shy, and always share their opinions. Sometimes they can be very annoying.

The OutcastsNot to be rude, but these are the typical band members, sometimes theater kids or computer nerds; anyone who fits in with them. They are all really nice and seem to have an okay school experience, but they are very conservative and keep strictly to their groups, as if an outsider wouldn't be accepted. They can look strange, and very unique most of the time. Easy to overlook them, but they seem content and cause the least of problems.

The Overachievers- These are the typical goody-two-shoes, teacher pets, that are in every club or organization available. They study constantly, just to flaunt their nice grades in front of other students. They complain almost daily about the education system. They worry constantly about what others are doing and judge just as much as the Preps do. They can be sweet but shady too. Nobody can really stand them, and they only really have each other.

The AthletesThey have big egos and honestly believe that they run the school. With more seniority, the worse their egos get. When is comes to guys, you can pick them out almost immeadiately in the hallway by only their stature and the atmosphere around them. Everyone gives them special treatment, even the faculty. Sports play a huge role at our school, leaading to this group being "in charge." They act better than others in a different type of way than the Preps. Not as if they have more than you, but as if you owe them something. They can be harsh, and childish even.

The Country FolkThese are the students who wear boots, spend all their time talking about hunting, riding, or fishing. They are usually getting in trouble for chewing or wearing a hat at school. Most of the guys go to vocational school, because they work better with their hands instead of school work.

The FloatersThe floaters really don't belong to a group. They are just theirselves; an individual. They don't even belong to the floaters group, they are just classified as a floater. They typically hang with whoever, and are go with the flow. Floaters enjoy a various of activities and respect others opinions. These are the laid back students; the ones you usually don't know where they belong. They are sort of loners.

The IndiesThe indie kids usually hang together and listen to music and smoke pot mostly. They are always laughing and happy. They usually have rad art skills or some type of known odd talent. They may even come off weird, and wear very alternative clothing.



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