Arty A GEF 1,000

by silversal
Last updated 8 years ago

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Arty A GEF 1,000

A celebration day...Is better than walking across a bay...On a celebration day...There's no decayAnd everyone finds a subtle rayThat brightens the way.A celebration on the GEF pageTights its sparkling members for a long age...It's a secret......and no one could understand it's magical mystiqueThat reached the peak As in the flow of a creek. GEF...... is our dearThat cures the gloomy queer,It bends over backwards to give special careAnd every moment spent in it is a gasp for air.1000... one thousand!!!!!!!!!!In a chic super digital dreamlandIn which English is worshiped and praised till the end..What a happy celebration day....Thanks to Admins plus the deanWho've enbued English with a shiny sunbeam.Tomorrow will smile at everyoneAnd the GEF will always stay number one.

Thank you Arty Aicha for this beautiful poem which marks our 1,000 member celebration.


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