Artificial Limb 3.0

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Artificial Limb 3.0

Spinoff tecnology is somthing that NASA made. NASA made this to help people in the world.

We are making a new and better artificial limbs. They should be the perfect size and you can put shoes on them. These legs could have like teal plastic on it or some fake skin on it.

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Our spinoff will help people. It is good for sports and everyday things. But if somthing hard hits it it could cause damage. It could also be dented or get scraped from sharp items.

Clean burning engines a self contaned non fouling cleaner burning sparked divise.Does not waste electricity.

A fire senser or the firefly. With a built in infraed scaner and satellite based nargation. It helps people know when there is a fire.

Artificial limbs have special foams to make them softer. More prosthetics and life like diamond coating.


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