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11 Steps to Success1. Stance: Open foot and shoulder width position.2. Nock Arrow: Grab below fletching, up & over vertical bow.3. Drawing Hand Set: Hook the bowstring in the archer’s groove.4. Bow Hand Set: Center the bow’s grip under the lifeline of the relaxed bow hand. Bow hand knuckles should form 30-45 degree angle.5. Pre-Draw: Hinge the bow arm and drawing arm to eye level. Rotate bow arm elbow down and away.6. Draw: With draw arm parallel to ground, smoothly pull the string towards face.7. Anchor: Index finger tip at the corner of the mouth.8. Aim: Align the string and arrow rest and/or arrow point on the target.9. Shot Set Up: Eye aims, maintain active bow muscles, begin a slight rearward movement of the drawing shoulder, arm, and elbow.10. Release: Relax the hooked fingers and the back of the drawing hand all at once.11. Follow Through/Reflect: Drawing hand continues rearward, under the ear and painting the face, until the thumb touches or is near the shoulder. The drawing elbow should relax and hinge downward. The bow arm moves slightly forward, left, and down. Reflect on the shot – how to improve.

Scoring:Each arrow is valued at a certain amount of points when it enters the target. The total score is the combined amount of points for all of the arrows shot. Typically, 5 arrows will be shot per round. Therefore, one round’s score would consist of the total of those 5 arrows. The overall score would be the total of each round’s score added together. This is how an archery tournament would conduct its scoring routine. Below you will find a target with the point values listed.

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