Apollo 11

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Space Discoveries

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Apollo 11

Mission Dates

1. On the way to the module to go home Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong discovered that a switch on a crucial circut breaker was broken ( switch to ignite the engine). They let NASA try to figure out a solution, but eventully Aldrin decided to jam his felt-tip pen into the mechanism to use as a makeshift and it worked.

Mission ObjectiveTo perform a lunar landing and to return to Earth Safley

Launched July 16, 1969 9:32 a.m.Returned to Earth safley on July 2412:50 p.m.

In space for 9 Days

2. The flag was not the only thang that Apllo 11 astronauts left behind.-They left over 100 discarded items on the lunar surface.Examples: They left behind a gold replica of an olive branch, some trash items such as a camera, moon boats, and air-sick bags.

3. Before leaving the Apllo 11 moon-landing module astrauntr Edwin Buzz Aldrin took a christian Communion, including a wafer and a thimbleful of wine from a kit prepared by his paster (Niel Armstrong watched respectfully.

4. When going back in the lunar module the astronauts were surprised of the smell and taste of the moon dust. They discribed it as a pungent smell they also compared it to gun powder. Neil Armsrong described it as wet ashes in a fire place.

Apollo 11

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