anti intellectualism in the 21st century

by bdyck
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anti intellectualism in the 21st century

In “The Age of American Unreason”, scholar Susan Jacoby writes,“Reading in the traditional open-ended sense is not what most of us, whatever our age and level of computer literacy, do on the Internet... What we are engaged in — like birds of prey looking for their next meal — is a process of swooping around with an eye out for certain kinds of information.”

What do you think??

Reading in a Hyperlinked World:Swooping or Drilling Deeper?

Televison,Video GamesInternet

ACulture of Distraction !

Less Time for ...

two human activities critical to a fruitful and demanding intellectual life:

Reading and Conversation

Wait a Minute!!!

Click to here to listen in on nine 21st Century Educators discussing Henry Jenkin's ground breaking paper "Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture"



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