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The four basic needs of animals are...1. water2. food3. shelter4. air

1. All animals need water.

3. All animals need shelter. All animlals do not have the same form of shelter. To the left: a squirrel monkey takes shelter in a tree.

2. All animals need food. Here is a giraffe eating leaves from a tree. Some animals eat plants and some animals eat other animals, but all animals need food just like us humans!

4. All animals need air. Much like food and shelter, some animals get air in different ways. Watch the two silly videos on the right. After you have watched the videos get a piece of paper and do the questions below to the left!

Review:1. Name the four basic needs of animals.2. Based on the videos, do you think animals get air differently? How do fish breathe differently than dogs?3. Name your favorite animal. Then write what you think it eats, where it takes shelter and whether it gets air on land or in water.

Polar bear!My favorite animal!Aren't they so cute!

On the same piece of paper you answered your questions on...Write the sentence out and correct any errors you see.the lions baby runned away for the day?Answer the problem on your piece of paper. Show your work! The bear was looking for honey. It found 7 honeycombs in one tree. It found 6 more in the second tree. How many honeycombs did the bear find?


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