Animals vs. Plants - Chris' Glog

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Animals vs. Plants - Chris' Glog

In the video to the right, Bill Nye describes cells and details the differences between plant and animal cells!

Animals vs. Plants

Animals~Breathe in oxygen and breathe carbon dioxide out~Animal cells contain centrioles, and can also have cilia and flagella~Must consume other organisms for food~Most animals can move freely~Have higher developed sensory and nervous system

Plants~Breathe carbon dioxide in and release oxygen~Cells contain cell walls and chloroplasts~Make their own food using sunlight~Usually do not move on their own

CellsAnimals vs. Plants

Like this bee pollinating a flower, name some other animal-plant interactions.

Discussion #2How do plants and animals interact?

Discussion #1How are animals and plants similar?

We have reviewed how plants and animals differ. Now list some ways that plants and animals are similar.



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