Andrew carnegie

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Andrew carnegie

Andrew Carnegie !

Andrew Carnegie was an american industrailst who amassed a fortune in the steel industry then became a major philanthroist.

He born on November 25,1835 in Dunfermline Scootland.He and his family moved to Allegheny City,Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

When Andrew Carnegie got a job in a textile mill bringing bobbins to workers at booms.He was paid $1.20 per week

By the time Andrew was 30 his business interest inclued iron works streamers on the Great lake ,railroad and oil wells .He was subsequently inloved with steel production.Andrew built and the Carnegie steel corportation at the time the largest muanufactory company in the world.

Andrew Carnegie made millions of money during his succesful business.

Andrew Carnegie became a messagar for a local telegraph company he eventully tuaght himself how to use the telegraph equiment to send and receive messages.He was hired by superintent of Pittsburgh divison of Pennsylvania railroad.

Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in 1901

Carnegie believed that the wealthy had an obligation to give back to society, so he donated much of his fortune to causes like education and peace.

During the Civil War Andrew Carnegie was drafted in the Army however rather than

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