Ancient Greek Drama

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Ancient Greek Drama

Arts and theatreGreek Theatre-Theatre was a big deal in ancient Greece.-Crowds of 15,000 people would go see a play.-Most Greek cities had a theatre.-All the actors were men or boys.-Actors changed their costumes in a hut called the "skene".-The plays were comedies.-There was atleast one theatre in every town.-The ancient Greeks had drama competitions with winners for play writing and performing.

Drama-An exciting, emotional, or an unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.

Ancient Greek Drama

Types of Drama:-Tragedy- Something that causes great suffering.-Melodrama- Something with exaggerated charecters.-Comedy- Something funny.-Tragicomedy- Containing elements of both comedy and tragedy.

Epics and Actors"Before there were staged tragedies and comedies, there was epic and lyric poetry that audience performed in market places and in the countrysides."



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