ancient china

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ancient china

The king divided the rest of his kingdom that he did not controlled , into many units of land and allowed men who were loyal to him to rule lands . These men had to give tribute to the king . This method of government by which the men were given lands in return for their support is called feudalism .

Ancient China

In the later years of Eastern Zhou dynasty (771-221 BCE), the shi became greedy for more land and the king could not control them . Fighting between the shi broke out and continued for the next 232 years . This was known as the Period of the Warring States .

Ancient China involved a period of time when unitary, feudalism and meritocracy was introduced to the people of china during the Qin Dynasty. It was also a period of time when there was alot of comflict between the shi and kings called the Warring States.

Nur Yasirah (10)1B

The civil service of a country consists of the government departments and the people who work in them . Before the Han dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE) , the civil service had always consisted of members belonging to rich and powerful families .

The system of ruling during the Shang & Zhou dynasty was known as feudalism . The system of ruling during the Qin dynasty onwards was known as a unitary system of government .Qin Shihuang standard measures and coins were introduced throughout the whole empire to ensure uniformity in his empire .The ancient chinese believed that heaven wanted people to be ruled wisely and justly . Therefore, heaven would give its blessing to a good ruler .The civil service is a country consits of government departments and the people who work in them .



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