American History: Life On The Plantations

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American History: Life On The Plantations

-Southern plantations-group of slave cabins war usually set apart from owners "Big House."-Lived in small wood cabins that had two rooms, leaky roof, drafty walls, and dirty floors.-Built on slave labour.-Tabbacco, rice, indigo, cotton, sugar, mahongany Chard (Reedish brown timber from topical tree.)-Slaves did all of the work.-Slaves were made to work hard that labour force had to be renewed every decade to a high death rate amound the enslaved.-Slaves were littterlly worked to death. -In the year of 1750 there was 800,000 Africans that were enslaved.-Slaves that died were burried in the sugar islands. -On the sugar plantations the men worked as craftsman or worked in seml-industrid mills the women was limited to working in the fieldsor as domestics.-Women who were pregnant worked until they gave birth. -Owners used violence on slaves to make them work harder so the owners will get more money.(Mostly whipping).-Slaves tried to keep their humanity and dignity.-Created families and communities that enabled them to share stories, music, and religion. -They ate meat.-Foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, and chlrestrol.-Vegtables.

Life On The Plantations

By: Kaylee, Meagan, and Kristen

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