Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy Sources

The way that the Biomass energy works is by burning things like wood, vegetable, oil, crops, garbage, and landfill gases. First, the watse is burned with heat water, Second, the hot water creates steam, Then, the pressure of the steam spins a turbine, After that, it powers a generator, Finally, it creates electricity.

What are the "Alternative Energy sources"?

Alternative Enegy sources*Solar Energy*Wind (wind power)*Biomass energy*Geothermal Energy*Hydrogen fuel cells


Why are they called "Clean Energy"?

Solar Energy & Wind (wind power)

Hydrogen fuel cells

Why are they called ¨Clean Energy¨ ?They are called Clean Energy because they don´t cause harm to the Earth.

Biomass energy & Geothermal energy

Their AdvantagesThe positive effects of Biomass energy is that its very helpful. And that the electricity helps us humans because we get to use the internet to find what we need. And that it burns our human watse or garbage.

Their DisadvantagesThe negative effects of Biomass energy is that we need a big area to build it. And if they build more biomass enery they would need to cut down more trees. It can also cause air pollution because cars also have electricty in them and the exhaust of the cars pollute the air.


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