All About Me 09-10

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All About Me 09-10

May 4, 2010Austin News:Dell computers are ranked No. 1 in the world because of its knowledge to health care information.

Concert band consits of me playing my flute. BCIS is working on the computer and widening our outlook on technology. Biology is learning more about animals and plants. World Geography is learning about other places in the world and finding the geography of those places. Lunch is a time to be with my friends. Math is all about squeezing my brain and learning about math stuff. English is my favorite subject because I love to challenge myself and learn to have great writing skills. Art is not my forte but I still love to express myself by using different colors and textures!

May 2, 2010Fishing shut down on the Mississippi R. to the Florida Panhandle on Sunday because of the oil spill gushing in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama says BP is responsible and will pay the bill for the oil spill.

I loved putting myself out there and going into color guard!The Westlake Bands' theme for 09-10 was a Puzzled.

This is the kind of look I am going for!

09-10 School Year 9th Grade1st: Concert Band- Ms. Speer2nd: BCIS- Mrs. Hanselka3rd: Biology- Mrs. Schevers4th: World Geography- Mr. Baker5th: Lunch6th: Math- Mr. Witowski7th: English- Mr. Brockman8th: Art- Mrs. Grubbs


May 3, 2010Austin ranked cleanest air city!

May 1, 2010Car bomb in Time Square had many scared civilians. Suspect is Faisal Shahzad. 7th and 45th street was evactuated when police came to realize the bomb.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell of Austin!


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