Affective Domain

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Affective Domain

So often we as teachers are focused on developing cognitive skills. What is just as important are the students attitudes, beliefs and values towards the material. Looking at the affective domain we must first win the hearts and minds of the students before we can impart knowledge.Lets look at Robotics. As a teacher I have found the best way to teach robotics is with Lego Mindstorm Kits. The students already have positive mental associations with Lego’s. Their attitude is positive. They believe they can build just about anything with Lego’s. This shapes their attitude towards learning Robotics. They can take on incredibly challenging projects, but because they started with a positive attitude that will carry them through the project to completion. Once they have completed the Robotics project they take their positive mental associations with Lego’s and tag those to Robotics.

Affective vs. Cognitive

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Affective Domain

Since the affective domain is concerned with a student’s attitudes, personal beliefs, and values, measuring educational objectives in this domain is not easy. For example, how is a positive attitude toward safety evaluated? Observable safety-relat- ed behavior indicates a positive attitude, but this is not like a simple pass/fail test that can be used to evaluate cognitive educational objective levels. Although a number of techniques are available for evaluation of achievement in the affective domain, most rely on indirect inferences.FAA - Aviation Instructor's Handbook

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