Acadian Landforms

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Acadian Landforms

Acadian Landforms

There are five mountains or ranges in Acadia; Beech, Bubble(s), Cadillac, Champlain, and Gorham . They were formed by piled up rocks and sediment were fused together.

There are also 11 islands in Acadia...

Baker, Bar, Bald Porcupine, Bear, Great Cranberry, Little Cranberry, Little Moose, Long Porcupine, Mount Desert, Sutton, and Thompson . These islands were probably separated from the main island by glaciers.

But don't forget to mention the two lakes; Eagle and Echo, and the four ponds; Bubble, Jordan, Somes, and Upper Hadlock.

Make sure to visit landforms that extend into the waters like Seal Harbor, Schoodic Peninsula, and Otter Cove, some of which are mostly deposited rock.


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