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About Us

McGee-zine is an online magazine that celebrates the accomplishments of the students of Catherine M. McGee Middle School by giving them a world-wide forum for sharing their outstanding work. The McGee-zine staff is made up of members of the McGee community. Catherine M. McGee Middle School encourages children to grow and learn in an atmosphere of responsibility and respect. To accomplish this mission, we believe our commitment as a rigorous academic community includes: helping children to become educated, productive citizens in a diverse society and technologically changing world providing a safe, caring, and challenging school environment that helps children develop a commitment to life-long learning creating an environment that fosters intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth for all students and recognizes their unique developmental needs. Catherine M. McGee Middle School serves a community of about 750 students in grades six through eight. We are located in the heart of Connecticut.

11 January 2010 McGee-zine Staff

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About Us



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