Aντι - Bullying Sc(h)omic Walk [...] - eTwinning

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Aντι - Bullying Sc(h)omic Walk [...] - eTwinning

Our Aντι - Bullying Charta!!! Aντι - bullying trusts and is trustfull Aντι - bullying cooperates...Aντι - bullying is part of the solution Aντι - bullying ''breaks'' the silence when is necessaryAντι - bullying has self - respect and self - estime


Phase D: Interactive Poster

"Aντι - Bullying sc(h)omic walk [...]" - an eTwinning Project

Skyros College - Greece

[...] My first enemy in class was scary , i was hiding in my world to avoid himbullying me anytime just out of no reason, pressed emotions and a fear to marryAs years went by, I learned to survivewhithout allowing anyone to hurt meBelieve, you deserve the best of luck, you deserve the best of love, run away from the darkThe next enemy in my life as my youth, my inexperienced mind and the lack of growth [...]

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