8th - Ch 8 guided readings

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8th - Ch 8 guided readings

A New Nation

1. April 30, 1789 New York2. John Adams3. He had lead them to victory in the Rev. War4. State, Treasury, & War Departments5. a) Thomas Jefferson b) Alexander Hamilton c) Henry Knox6. He had the authority to fire cabinet members without the Senate's approval7. federal court system with 13 district courts & 3 circuit courts8. John Jay9. First 10 amendments of the Constitution (Video)10. December 179111. paper notespromising to repay money at a certain time12. They had less debt in the war, felt they would have to pay more than their shair13. he agreed to relocate the capital in the South14. Viginia & Maryland15. national bank, tariff, & national taxes16. feared a federal gov with strong economic powers dominated by the wealthy

The First President

1. farmers2. whiskey3. Whiskey Rebellion4. President Washington5. British6. Spanish7. Wabash River8. Appalachians9. Battle of Fallen Timbers10. Treaty of Greenville11. South12. manufacturers & merchants13. Proclamation of Neutrality14. Jay's Treaty15. impressment16. political parties17. foreign affairs

Early Challenges

I. A. Jefferson & HamiltonB. 1. supporters of the policies of Hamilton 2. Jefferson & James MadisonC. RepublicanD. honest & educated property ownersE. They could solve their differencesF John Adams (Federalist) wins & Jefferson as 2nd place vote getter becomes VP(Campaign Ads)II. A. 1. They seized Am. ships carring cargo to G.B.2. Furious, called the agents X, Y, Z & urged Congress to prepare for war (video)3. established the Navy Dept., set aside money for building warships & made army largerB. 1798C. 1. to judge the constitutionality of federal laws & nullify that law withing their state2. split the Federalist Party and hurt his chances of re-election. Lead to Jefferson as president

First Political Parties

Bill of Rights



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