5 themes of Geography

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5 themes of Geography

Location...Absolute location is when you can find your location by gps or latitude and longitude. You can also use a grid to find your location. Example: Kamloops is 54 degrees N and 120 degrees W

Relative location: Kamloops is two hours away from Kelowna. You can also use near by places to find your location or street names.

Thompson Rivers Universityis an example of Human place. Soo its basically man made.

Place...Physical Place is an example of rocks, and mointains. Example: Mt. Peter and Mt. Paul

Human- Environment Interaction...Example: If humans made a road close to a mointain then there could be land slides. Also They could put roads in to travel faster and to suit there own needs. But the environment could also change the way that humans live such as if there was a tournado, valcano or a earth quake.

Movement...Examples: Transportation by plane, greyhound, or a subway. Movement basically means transportation.

Regions...Is divided into different cultues religions, language, area, political divisions, and vegitation. Example: grassland, dessert or a rainforest.

5 themes of Geography.


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