4B Post assessment

by SVannah
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Social Studies

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4B Post assessment

When we are playing together on the court we become a well oiled machine. We do not think of any one of us being in charge of one another. Even the team captain is not in authority. If anyone was to analyze us then they would most likely believe that we were very obident, and they would be very correct! We do whatever our coach tells us to, and we take all of his comments and comments into consideration while we are on the court.

Providence Grove JO Volleyball

4B Assessment By: Savannah Clark

In comparrison to the two other the Milgram experiment is very different. The main authority figure on our team is our coach, and we always do what he tells us to, even when we don't like it. I believe that my team can relate to this experiment the most. When it comes to the Zimbardo experiment I can't see my volleyball team doing anything like this. I don't think that we could oppress one another like the prison gaurds did, and we are all so full of heart that I coudln't see any of us breaking and giving into depression like the volunteers did during this experiment. As for the Asch experiment I can sort of see me and my team doing something like this. It's all for one and one for all, together we stand together we fall. Subconsciously when one of us is having an off game then the rest of us don't play good either. Just like in the Asch experiment.

My team and I are the way we are for many reasons. I believe this is because we have the perfect balance of conformity and individualness. We conform to eachother in the sense that we feed off of eachother's energy. If one person is hyper and upbeat, it slowly spreads to everyone. The fundamental attribution error essentially, it involves placing a heavy emphasis on internal personality characteristics to explain someone's behavior in a given situation, rather than thinking about external situational factors. This could be linked to my volleyball team by saying that we always try to find an answer to why we aren't playing our best. We blame ourselves for out bad playing before we blame outside factors. Self-serving bias is the complete opposite of the previous term used. Self-serving bias is when someone claims that their wins and victories are becuase of internal characteristics and then blames their failures on factors that they cannot change. My team has done that a couple of times. Once we came in second place at a tournament, and when we lost the championship we all blamed it on the fact that the gym was quiet, how tired we were, and other stuff. In reality we should have blamed ourselves for not playing our best.

The easiest way to relate group think to my volleyball team is by saying that the common thought among us is winning. Winning is our passion and probably the only thing that we all believe in 100%. Group Polarization: When people are placed into a group and these people have to deal with some situation, the group as a whole typically has some overriding attitude toward the situation. This also can be analyzed as winning. We are all in the same situation and we all overwelmingly agree that we need/want to win!

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