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Language Arts

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Pop culture favorites

Movies~ "The fault in our stars", "The hobbit", "Mazerunner", "Men, women, and children".Shows~ American Horror Story, Fall in love with me,Just You, Teen Wolf, and any anime shows.

Songs~ Riptide by Vance Joy, Between the Bars by Eliot Smith,I'm not okay by my chemical romance.Bands~ My chemical Romance, EXO, panic! at the disco, the neighborhood, Nirvana, Benjamin Booker.

Books~ "Eleanor and Park", "Looking for Alaska", "Paper towns", and "The fault in our stars".Celebrities/YouTubers~ Dylan O'brien, Ansle Elgort, Tyler Oakley,John Green, Ryan Higa, Dan Howell, Phil Lester,Park Chanyeol.

Personal achievements

~I improved my drawing skills~I stood up on stage and sung in front of a lot of people~I was more social

Favorite memories

•going to NY with my family and Lexi•going to the fair with Lexi•going to Arizona with my family•going to Washington with my family•going to the mall with Lexi and Emily•watching fireworks•going to Aidan's after school with friends•going to Vermont with my family and Lexi• just hanging out with my friends in general

2015 resolutions

~I want to get better grades~I want to be less self conscious~I want to be more active



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