[2015] Shianna S: Computer

by rdavis01
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[2015] Shianna S: Computer

One piece of technolgy that has changes the way I live is the computer. I use the computer for learning purposes at school and at home. I also use my computer for leisure activities.

The Computer in my life

This pig wants to go see the Princess of England. Do you think she should wear a purple sparkly wavy tutu and a shimmering tiara or a plain red, pink, and white sparkly tutu and a pink tiara to get the Princess of Englands attention?

This owl is learning spanish on google translator to try talk to his spanish friends. This owl before was very lonley and had no friends. Now he does.

Fav. Music Vid!

This cat her name is hello kitty she is playing a game called MovieStarPlanet it is a game that you can make your own person that looks like you and it can be a female or a male either one you want on the game you can chat as well you can make new friends in different countrys as i have.

This is my best school writing i have done in whole life sincerlly,Shianna


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