[2015] Shannon Morphine

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[2015] Shannon Morphine


Bibliography:•Short and long term effects•Uses in Mexico•Picture •Documented morphine abuse

Some short-term effects of Morphine are :• Drowsiness• Slowed Breathing• Constipation• Unconciousness•Nausea• Similar feelings as a High

Some Long-Term effects of Morphine are: •Continued abuse resulting in Physical Dependence.• Withdrawal Symptoms• Insomnia• Increased dosage for use over time

Shannon O'Meara

Short-Term Effects

Long-Term Effects

Facts:•Drug is usually injected but can also be taken by pill• In Mexico, a law was passed allowing patients, with six months or less to live, to use morphine as a pain reliever because it is so cheep to use.•Morphine is an Opiod

Medicines such as morphine that are taken for granted as the standard relief of severe pain in the global North, do not enjoy the same status in the global South. Chances are, if a person living in any developing country ends up with an illness associated with extreme and avoidable pain, they endure the pain because the government created obstacles to morphine use in hospitals.Because of fears of addiction, doctors are hesitant to prescribe these pain relieving drugs. Additionally, people who inject drugs are often denied access to controlled medicines to treat opioid dependence.


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