[2012] Agei E (AI ): Glog

by Spicher113
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[2012] Agei E (AI ): Glog

Concersation 1Pete: Get out of the roomSucker: Ok!Pete: Get out of my room now DorkSucker: I just wanna to hang around you!Pete: Well I don't want you here, "nobody care anything about you."(pg.20)Sucker: Why aren't we buddies like before?Pete: All right you can stay, I guess I was a little hard on you.Pete: Sorry bro!)

Pete and Sucker have an ambivalence relationship.

Conversation 2Pete: Hey Sucker What's up?Sucker: Oh I'm goodPete: You seem sad!Sucker: Yeah I lost a bb-gun!Pete: Well I'll help you find it!



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