[2010] Simon Noy: Fatigue

by VanBerkel
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[2010] Simon  Noy: Fatigue

Fatigue Kills

1.Campaigns that have been sent out by TAC safety are:•Ten days to make your film ideas reality•New campaign shows everybody hurts when you speed•One month to go for secondary students to drive road safety messages•Six months of road trauma prompts message for drivers to take care•Young film hopefuls take car parties to the big screen•Victoria's worst 10 regions for road trauma revealed•Prestigious international award for TAC ad

2. Six months of road trauma prompts message for drivers to take care.This article will have the most affect on fatigue drivers as it will show to take care on the roads and not to drive when tired.The focus of this campaign is to show the statistics of deaths in Victoria. The campaign is targeted at all ages because it has such a big effect on everyone. It has been advertised through a variety of things. Its shows dreadful statistics. Such as, 35 young people, between the ages of 16 and 25 have died on Victorian roads.In my opinion, i think the campaign is going to have a dramatic affect on the way people drive. People are going to take more care on the roads from seeing this campaign.There is no limitations in this campaign. If anything the article/campaign wasn’t broadcasted enough.

Cameron Whites view on Fatigue



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