[2010] sh6tsuj: Fatigue

by VanBerkel
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[2010] sh6tsuj: Fatigue

Task 1: Fatigue

Task 11. November 2007 campaign – Fatigue management “big hit”2004 campaign – zoning out a symptom of fatigue 2002 campaign – correlation between lifestyle and crash risk1999 campaign – Benefits of a power nap 1996 campaign – fatigue and trauma correlation drowning 1994 campaign - fatigue and trauma correlation nightshift 1991 campaign - fatigue and trauma correlation

2. a) The campaigns focus was to encourage fatigue management by taking a break, taking a power nap and swapping drivers every two hours.b) The campaign is targeted for teenagers getting there license and also for teenagers getting there learners. These aged people get targeted as Cameron White and Brad Hodge are famous Australian cricketers and teenagers of 16 -19 will listen to them because of there fame.c) This campaign has been viewed on TV the most used electrical device on the planet. It has also had billboards up on freeways about it. d) I think this campaign has had a little bit of an affect. The only problem with the campaign was that it targeted teenagers starting to driver. It would have had more of an affect if they broadened there audience target.e) Limitations of the Fatigue management campaign: 1. Targeted audience

Cameron White "Big Hit



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